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Main products
    1. Square Ceiling Diffuser
    2. Square Ceiling DiffuserEverywhere you look, whether in the shopping mall or your office, you will probably find a ceiling diffuser on ceilings. One of the most popular uses of our diffuser is in the air conditioning or ventilation system, where it acts as an outlet for conditioned air or outdoor air.
    1. Round Ceiling Diffuser
    2. Round Ceiling DiffuserOn some occasions, people desire a round ceiling that drop directly into the place where the ceiling tile of 600×600m was previously placed. This RCD-VB suits their needs very well. With a standard 600×600mm face size, this diffuser offers choices of different neck sizes and air flows.
    1. Jet Diffuser/Jet Nozzle
    2. Jet Diffuser/Jet NozzleCustomers can choose the sizes of the diffuser according to the air flow data listed in the following table. This aesthetically-appealing diffuser design is ideally suited for use with the circular or square swirl diffuser. It adds an important decorative element to the building or architecture being decorated.
    1. Disc Valve
    2. Disc ValveThe disc valve is an aesthetically pleasing air terminal device widely used in bathrooms, serving as both a fresh air outlet and exhaust air inlet. Easy installation and an attractive price are the main benefits of our DV-VS disc valve for its end users.
    1. Double Deflection Grille
    2. Double Deflection GrilleModel DDG-VA double deflection grille is commonly installed in hotel rooms for supply of conditioned air. It incorporates two separate sets of adjustable blades. Users can easily control the air flow direction via adjusting the orientation of the blades.
    1. Single Deflection Grille
    2. Single Deflection GrilleSDG-VA single deflection grille is ventilation grille made of high quality extruded aluminium profile. It is suited to both supply and extract applications for air conditioning. Our SDG-VA design is cost concerned. Screws or spring clips are offered for easy installation.
    1. Linear Grille
    2. Linear GrilleModel LG-VA linear grille is made of high quality extruded aluminum.
      Blade deflection angles: 0°, 15°, 30°.
      Color: RAL9010, RAL9016, Anodized.
    1. Weather Louver
    2. Weather LouverThe weatherproof louver design also gets a mesh to avoiding the insects' entering into rooms. Wire mesh is optional.
      Our weather resistant louver has been anodized. Its color are RAL9010 and RAL9016. Two models are for your choice, namely WL-VA and WL-VB.

Air Diffuser, Air Grille & Louver Manufacturer

VENTECH is a market-leading ventilation solution provider dedicated to offering premium quality air distribution system and ventilation system components for residential, commercial and industrial applications.

We carry a broadest product range in our industry, from air diffuser, air grille, air louver, volume control damper, to ventilation ducting accessories. Both leading edge or traditional designs, as well as standard or customized products are available.

Our range of air distribution products is proven to function effectively in both small and large areas and is applicable for all types of premises ranging from offices and schools to shopping malls and industrial facilities.

VENTECH is committed to delivering the highest quality and service levels in the industry. We are highly valued by our customers due to our made-to-specification products with short delivery time.

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