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Square Ceiling Diffuser

Single Piece SCD-VA

One common use of our square ceiling diffuser is in the offices or shopping malls for air conditioning and ventilating purpose. Most of our diffusers are designed to deliver air equally in all 4 directions, but some can be made to give air in the desired 1, 2 or 3 directions upon your request.

The SCD-VA is our latest development in air diffusion technology. Unique to SCDVA is the integrated design, where the diffuser frame is punched and stamped in one piece with the diffuser core.

An advantage of our one-piece diffuser is that it does not need any corner joint. The seamless design allows for fast air mixing and distribution while at the same time adding appeal to your ceiling. Another advantage is its significant energy savings compared to other ordinary square ceiling diffusers.

1. This ceiling mounted air diffuser is produced as a one-piece stamping. Both the frame and deflecting vanes are made of aluminum sheets.
2. Removable central core allows for easier installation and maintenance.
3. Color: RAL9010, RAL9016, or Anodized
4. Opposed Blade Damper (optional)

Two-Piece SCD-VB

Everywhere you look, whether in the shopping mall or your office, you will probably find a ceiling diffuser on ceilings. One of the most popular uses of our diffuser is in the air conditioning or ventilation system, where it acts as an outlet for conditioned air or outdoor air.

Unlike SCD-VA, the SCD-VB ceiling diffuser is made up of two separate pieces welded together. Both the diffuser frame and core are made of aluminum extrusions through cutting, welding and assembly process. Though not as popular as the SCD-VA design, the SCD-VB diffuser is not going away right now because it sells pretty well in some markets.

1. Extruded aluminum profile is used to make the diffuser core and frame.
2. Removable center core makes for faster installation and easier maintenance.
3. Color: RAL9010, RAL9016, or Anodized
4. Opposed Blade Damper (optional)

SCD-VC for Ceiling Tile Replacement

If you are looking for a ceiling diffuser that would replace one of your ceiling tiles, our SCD-VC might be your best bet. There are times when buyers want to use a square diffuser the same size as a 600x600mm ceiling tile but they don’t want big air flow in their room. This SCD-VC design might very well solve your problem. It's with a standard 600×600mm face size for different neck size and air flow requirements.

Fast installation is one major advantage of the ceiling diffuser since people no need to make a special cut-out into the ceiling. Just drop the diffuser into the place where the ceiling tile was once seated.

1. Ceiling tile replacement with a face size of 595×595mm.
2. Made of high quality aluminum
3. Removable central core allows for better installation and maintenance.
4. Color: RAL9010, RAL9016, or Anodized
5. Opposed Blade Damper (optional)

Standard Size H×L (mm) Air Volume(m3/h) Maximum Throw (m)
150×150 120 0.90
225×225 240 1.40
300×300 400 1.70
375×375 600 2.00
450×450 840 2.40
525×525 1120 2.55
600×600 1460 2.70
The above data are obtained when the air velocity is 2.4m/s and the velocity at throw is 0.5m/s.
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