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Round Ceiling Diffuser

RCD-VA Round Ceiling Diffuser

The round ceiling diffuser features an artistic air distribution system design that is commonly used in restaurants and private houses where there is a need for air conditioning and ventilation. Its round core generates a large, even circular air distribution.

1. The diffuser is made of high quality aluminum sheet.
2. Removable core allows for fast installation and easy maintenance.
3. Plastic butterfly damper (optional)
4. Color: RAL9010, RAL9016, or Anodized.

RCD-VB Round Ceiling Diffuser

RCD-VB circular diffuser is specially designed for replacing ceiling tile. On some occasions, people desire a round ceiling that drop directly into the place where the ceiling tile of 600×600m was previously placed. This RCD-VB suits their needs very well. With a standard 600×600mm face size, this diffuser offers choices of different neck sizes and air flows.

Installing a round ceiling diffuser is very easy. Installers do no need to make special openings in the ceiling as diffuser just fits in the space which was originally intended for the ceiling tile.

1. Ceiling diffuser face size: 595×595mm.
2. Made of high quality aluminum sheet
3. Removable diffuser core allows for faster installation and easier maintenance.
4. Plastic butterfly damper (optional)
5. Color: RAL9010, RAL9016, or Anodized.

Technical Specifications
Standard Size ΦD ΦA Air Volume(m3/h) Max. Throw(m)
150 145 250 134 1.3
200 195 300 242 1.55
250 245 350 359 1.8
300 295 400 503 2.2
350 345 450 665 2.4
The above data are obtained when the air velocity is 2.5m/s and the velocity at throw distance is 0.25m/s
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