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Swirl Diffuser

SD-VA Swirl Diffuser

The swirl diffuser is typically used in offices for letting in or out the air. Usually fitted into the ceiling space where the ceiling tile was once placed, our SD-VA spiral air diffuser comes in the same face size of 595x595mm as the replaced ceiling tile. The diffuser blades are slightly inclined at an angle that allows for excellent air diffusion performance while giving an attractive appearance.

1. Made of high-quality sheet iron
2. Fixed blades
3. Color: RAL9010, RAL9016

SD-VB Swirl Diffuser

Similar to the SD-VA, the SD-VB series swirl diffuser comes in a face size of 595x595mm. It fits perfectly in the ceiling space where the ceiling tile was originally placed. The production of these unusually contoured blades is only possible by the use of high-quality plastics and applying innovative production technology.

Adjustable blades mean customers can control the air flow velocity and direction easily by adjusting the angle at which the blades are oriented.

1. Made of high quality sheet iron
2. White and black adjustable blades
3. Color: RAL9010, RAL9016.

SD-VC Swirl Diffuser

The SD-VC is an air distribution outlet specially designed for commercial air conditioning use. It is commonly seen in the theater, airport, and the exhibition hall. The swirl diffuser spreads out air in a spiral pattern. With adjustable blades, users can easily control the air flow direction via adjusting the blade inclination angle.

1. Made of high-quality aluminum sheet
2. Adjustable blades
3. Color: RAL9010, RAL9016

Standard Size Air Volume(m3/h)
595×595 (SD-VA) 290-600
595×595 (SD-VB16) 110-400
595×595 (SD-VB24) 210-680
595×595 (SD-VB48) 360-830
Item Standard Size Air Volume(m3/h)
SD-VC 200 450
SD-VC 250 750
SD-VC 315 1500
SD-VC 400 2500
SD-VC 500 3000
SD-VC 630 3500
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