1. Square Ceiling DiffuserEverywhere you look, whether in the shopping mall or your office, you will probably find a ceiling diffuser on ceilings. One of the most popular uses of our diffuser is in the air conditioning or ventilation system, where it acts as an outlet for conditioned air or outdoor air.
    1. Round Ceiling DiffuserOn some occasions, people desire a round ceiling that drop directly into the place where the ceiling tile of 600×600m was previously placed. This RCD-VB suits their needs very well. With a standard 600×600mm face size, this diffuser offers choices of different neck sizes and air flows.
    1. Swirl DiffuserSimilar to the SD-VA, the SD-VB series swirl diffuser comes in a face size of 595x595mm. It fits perfectly in the ceiling space where the ceiling tile was originally placed. The production of these unusually contoured blades is only possible by the use of high-quality plastics and applying innovative production technology.
    1. Jet Diffuser/Jet NozzleCustomers can choose the sizes of the diffuser according to the air flow data listed in the following table. This aesthetically-appealing diffuser design is ideally suited for use with the circular or square swirl diffuser. It adds an important decorative element to the building or architecture being decorated.
    1. Disc ValveThe disc valve is an aesthetically pleasing air terminal device widely used in bathrooms, serving as both a fresh air outlet and exhaust air inlet. Easy installation and an attractive price are the main benefits of our DV-VS disc valve for its end users.
    1. Linear Slot DiffuserThe most attractive selling point of our LSD-VB slot diffuser is its removable inner core design. This configuration allows for easier installation and maintenance. The blades and vanes are adjustable to facilitate control over the air flow direction.

Air Diffuser

An air diffuser commonly serves as an outlet for the air conditioning system. While it appears relatively simple and elegant, the diffuser can distribute air flow equally in all directions.

Wherever you look, chances are that you probably find a diffuser in the broadcasting studio, hospital, theater, classroom, music hall, library, office, hotel, and the gym. In order for a ventilated room not to produce any noise or uncomfortable draft, the diffuser should be carefully selected in terms of neck velocity, installation height and specific installation occasion.

We are a specialist in the manufacture of various air diffusers. Whether it was square or rectangular diffusers, we can customize a right model to suit your ceiling installation requirements. Our diffuser core can be removed from its outer frame to facilitate installation and cleaning. An optional opposed blade damper can be fitted to the rear of the diffuser and adjusted through the grille core.

Customers can buy our air diffuser with confidence. Whether it was quality check as raw material enters the factory, or quality inspections during the manufacturing process, we have enforced a strict quality policy to maintain control over each stage of the process. At VENTECH, we strive to provide extraordinary customers service that meets or even exceeds customer’s expectations.

Listed below are a variety of diffusers we can provide.
1. Square Ceiling Diffuser
Square diffusers are among the most commonly used air distribution outlets, and suited to both large and small rooms of your office and shopping mall.

2. Round Ceiling Diffuser
The round air diffuser represents a popular option for applications in restaurant or other public places that require inviting décor.

3. Swirl Diffuser
The swirl diffuser is a sweet set-up in our office. The SD-VC model is often installed on high ceilings for big air flow and long-distance air throw.

4. Jet Diffuser
Common places where the jet diffuser can be used include the airport and exhibition mall that require a big air flow and a high installation height.

5. Disc Valve
Used in toilet and washing room for drawing in fresh air as well as letting out unpleasant smell.

6. Slot Diffuser
The slot diffuser is usually used in the meeting room for comfortable air supply.