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Single Deflection Grille

SDG-VA single deflection grille is ventilation grille made of high quality extruded aluminium profile. It is suited to both supply and extract applications for air conditioning. Our SDG-VA design is cost concerned. Screws or spring clips are offered for easy installation.

Blades of this air grille are adjustable on horizontal or vertical lines. SDG-VA single deflection grille has an optional opposed blade damper. Moreover, it has been anodized. Its color could be RAL9010 or RAL9016.

Standard Size H/L (mm) Effective Area(m2) Air volume (m3/h)
200x100 0.016 158
200x150 0.024 213
250x100 0.020 183
250x150 0.030 267
300x150 0.036 321
300x200 0.048 468
500x250 0.099 896
600x300 0.165 1489
750x300 0.198 1890
1000x500 0.386 3615
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