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Eggcrate Grille

The eggcrate grille made of superior quality aluminum is available with the eggcrate core distance of 12.7x12.7x12.7mm. It is a kind of return grille ideally applicable for return air of air conditioning and ventilation systems. The eggcrate core is made of 0.4mm thickness aluminum sheet. Its large opening area allows for easy, efficient return air.

There are models including EG-VA, EG-VB, EG-VR, and EG-VC. All of them have been anodized. In especial, EG-VC is also available with mill finish. Optional colors are RAL9010 and RAL9016.

EG-VA Eggcrate Grille

EG-VA grille looks beautiful. It is decorative grille which can help you beautify your rooms.

EG-VB Eggcrate Grille

EG-VB eggcrate grille is designed with a hinged removable core. It is usually together with filter. Users can easily open the inner part to maintain the duct or clean the filters. The EG-VB unique design, a newly developed air distribution element will definitely contribute to low sound power level, low differential pressure, but high volume flow rates.

EG-VR Eggcrate Grille

EG-VR of round design is good looking and space saving, when used for air exhausting in a small room.

EG-VC Eggcrate Grille

EG-VC is 0.4mm or 0.5mm thick. Standard sizes are 1200x600mm and 1200x1200mm. EG-VC is suitable for the use with air diffusers.

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