1. Double Deflection GrilleModel DDG-VA double deflection grille is commonly installed in hotel rooms for supply of conditioned air. It incorporates two separate sets of adjustable blades. Users can easily control the air flow direction via adjusting the orientation of the blades.
    1. Single Deflection GrilleSDG-VA single deflection grille is ventilation grille made of high quality extruded aluminium profile. It is suited to both supply and extract applications for air conditioning. Our SDG-VA design is cost concerned. Screws or spring clips are offered for easy installation.
    1. Air Return GrilleTrue to its name, the air return grille takes the air in the room and returns it to the air conditioning or ventilation system. Model RG-VA grille comes with specially-designed blades. The blade geometry and distance between two adjacent blades are accurately
    1. Eggcrate GrilleIt is a kind of return grille ideally applicable for return air of air conditioning and ventilation systems. The eggcrate core is made of 0.4mm thickness aluminum sheet. Its large opening area allows for easy, efficient return air.
    1. Linear GrilleModel LG-VA linear grille is made of high quality extruded aluminum.
      Blade deflection angles: 0°, 15°, 30°.
      Color: RAL9010, RAL9016, Anodized.
    1. Door GrilleIt has special designed blades to provide high performance such as ventilation and privacy protection. To be specific, it is an air grille or security grille that allows air transferring on doors or walls. This doorventilation grille comes with two colors, namely Color RAL9010 and RAL9016.

Air Grille

An air grille, if used in a proper way, enables low-cost and effective ventilation of rooms. We provide grille variations to meet architects' exact design requirements. Grilles of different shapes are available, egg shaped type, line type, to name a few.

1. Refurbishment and Redecorations of Buildings
The air grille on the raised floor is easy to change, which offers convenience for the reinstallation of power wire, water pipe, communication line, etc. Cost for redecoration can be greatly decreased.

2. Individual Control of Local Climate
Air supply outlet of a plenum chamber is used with an air diffuser for directly supplying air to work site. Both air volume and air-out direction can be controlled by users, thus to apparently improve the individual comfort. The underfloor air distribution system plenum makes concrete floor become a heat storage layer, which results in the reduction of temperature fluctuations.

3. Air quality Improvement for Working Area
As the return air grille is installed to the ceiling to form a special airflow circulation, excess heat, moisture excess, and pollutants can be effectively removed from rooms. Consequently, ventilation efficiency and air quality of working areas are ensured.

Classification and Application
In the following, you can find a brief introduction of our most important grilles.

1. Double Deflection Grille
Usually used in hotel rooms for supplying air. The blades can be adjusted to control the air distribution directions.

2. Single Deflection Grille
It has the same function as the double deflection grille.

3. Return Grille
Suitable for places where require the return and exhaust of air.

4. Eggcrate Grille
One kind of return grille.

5. Linear Grille
It's used for air supply in hotel rooms or houses.

6. Door Grille
Installed on doors such as toilet doors for fresh air ventilation.