1. Weather LouverThe weatherproof louver design also gets a mesh to avoiding the insects' entering into rooms. Wire mesh is optional.
      Our weather resistant louver has been anodized. Its color are RAL9010 and RAL9016. Two models are for your choice, namely WL-VA and WL-VB.
    1. Gravity LouverIt can be accurately adjusted for smooth performance. Optional colors are RAL9010 and RAL9016. Only when the exhaust fan is running that the blades of this type air louver can be opened. The blades will close automatically to preventing rains, dust, insects from getting inside rooms, once the exhaust fan is turned off.
    1. Ball Shaped Weather LouverIt is not only rust resistant, but also is rain proof and can prevent insects from going inside rooms. That's all due to the insect wire mesh added. The ball weather louver get the same function of all other weather louvers design. It has two models as BWL-VA and BWL-VB. Available colors are RAL9010 and RAL9016.

Air Louver

An air louver is has a frame, onto which a number of fixed or operable blades are mounted. Because of this special design, the ventilation product allows air to pass through it while removing unwanted elements such as water, dirt, and debris. When selecting louvers, basic considerations you need to taken in account include free area, water penetration, and resistance to airflow. Those concepts allow you to properly apply a louver.

Designers at Ventech offer you different styles of ventilation solutions. The air louver could be classic, modern, or flamboyant style to be creatively integrated with ceilings of any types. A variety of styles form in fact an attractive design element for building owners and architects.

Classification and Application
1. Weather louver

Weather louver, needless to say, is water proof and anti-insect as it comes with a special mesh. The mesh prevents insects from getting into rooms. The weatherproof louver is perfectly suited to be installed on outer walls for the purposes including fresh air supply and ventilation.

2. Gravity Louver
It serves as exhaust air louver on walls. Only when there is air blow that it can be opened.

3. Ball Shaped Weather Louver
This type belongs to weather louver. It has the same functions and water proof mesh design as weather louver does.