1. Opposed Blade DamperThe opposed blade damper applies high quality extruded aluminum profile as its raw materials. It is a kind of volume control damper principally used to control the diffuser air volume at the duct side. Two models as OBD-VA and OBD-VB are for your choice.
    1. Square Volume Control DamperMade of high quality extruded aluminium profile, VCD-VA square volume control damper is abrasion resistant, and operates smoothly. It is a zone damper installed on duct system to offer an airflow control solution. A standard air duct damper is manually controlled. The automatic control ones are also optional.
    1. Round Volume Control DamperIt is rustles and operates smoothly, as it is manufactured from extruded aluminum profile of superior quality. Such standard balancing damper is with manual control. We also provide airflow control solutions that are automatically controlled.
    1. Back Draught DamperIt comes with frame made of 0.6mm thick high quality GI sheet. Its blades are made of aluminium sheet with thickness of 0.3mm, which allows for easy opening after a small supply of air volume. That is why this volume control damper is stainless.
    1. Fire DamperWhen the temperature reaches 70℃, it will automatically close and then there will be insignificant air flow or barely any airflow inside the ductwork, thus to obtain the fire prevention effect. The fusible link in the fire damper will melt in case of temperature rising or a fire, and the shutter will close.

Volume Control Damper

The volume control damper also known as zone damper, is an indispensable central air-conditioning end fitting used in the ventilation, air conditioning, and air purification engineering of civil architecture and industrial premises. Usually, it is used to stop or regulate the airflow within ventilation and air conditioning systems.

Our premium volume control damper is widely used to precisely control the airflow of HVAC systems no matter in industrial or civil constructions. It is crucial for ventilation control in all kinds of environment. Main features of this HVAC damper consist of flexible operation, reliable structure, low noise generation, less leakage, and wide working temperature range. Our product is safe, convenient to use.

Classification and Application
Varieties of this control damper are opposed blades damper, fire damper, etc. All of them are used to control air flow and air pressure.
1. The opposed blades damper is used together with air diffusers and grilles when needed.
2. The volume control damper of different shape is for different duct system. For instance, the rectangular one is used for rectangular duct system, while a round one is designed for round duct system.
3. A fire damper is developed for fire extinction. When fire happens, it can close the air in duct system.