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    1. Square Ceiling DiffuserEverywhere you look, whether in the shopping mall or your office, you will probably find a ceiling diffuser on ceilings. One of the most popular uses of our diffuser is in the air conditioning or ventilation system, where it acts as an outlet for conditioned air or outdoor air.
    1. Round Ceiling DiffuserOn some occasions, people desire a round ceiling that drop directly into the place where the ceiling tile of 600×600m was previously placed. This RCD-VB suits their needs very well. With a standard 600×600mm face size, this diffuser offers choices of different neck sizes and air flows.
    1. Swirl DiffuserSimilar to the SD-VA, the SD-VB series swirl diffuser comes in a face size of 595x595mm. It fits perfectly in the ceiling space where the ceiling tile was originally placed. The production of these unusually contoured blades is only possible by the use of high-quality plastics and applying innovative production technology.
    1. Jet Diffuser/Jet NozzleCustomers can choose the sizes of the diffuser according to the air flow data listed in the following table. This aesthetically-appealing diffuser design is ideally suited for use with the circular or square swirl diffuser. It adds an important decorative element to the building or architecture being decorated.
    1. Disc ValveThe disc valve is an aesthetically pleasing air terminal device widely used in bathrooms, serving as both a fresh air outlet and exhaust air inlet. Easy installation and an attractive price are the main benefits of our DV-VS disc valve for its end users.
    1. Linear Slot DiffuserThe most attractive selling point of our LSD-VB slot diffuser is its removable inner core design. This configuration allows for easier installation and maintenance. The blades and vanes are adjustable to facilitate control over the air flow direction.
    1. Double Deflection GrilleModel DDG-VA double deflection grille is commonly installed in hotel rooms for supply of conditioned air. It incorporates two separate sets of adjustable blades. Users can easily control the air flow direction via adjusting the orientation of the blades.
    1. Single Deflection GrilleSDG-VA single deflection grille is ventilation grille made of high quality extruded aluminium profile. It is suited to both supply and extract applications for air conditioning. Our SDG-VA design is cost concerned. Screws or spring clips are offered for easy installation.
    1. Air Return GrilleTrue to its name, the air return grille takes the air in the room and returns it to the air conditioning or ventilation system. Model RG-VA grille comes with specially-designed blades. The blade geometry and distance between two adjacent blades are accurately
    1. Eggcrate GrilleIt is a kind of return grille ideally applicable for return air of air conditioning and ventilation systems. The eggcrate core is made of 0.4mm thickness aluminum sheet. Its large opening area allows for easy, efficient return air.
    1. Linear GrilleModel LG-VA linear grille is made of high quality extruded aluminum.
      Blade deflection angles: 0°, 15°, 30°.
      Color: RAL9010, RAL9016, Anodized.
    1. Door GrilleIt has special designed blades to provide high performance such as ventilation and privacy protection. To be specific, it is an air grille or security grille that allows air transferring on doors or walls. This doorventilation grille comes with two colors, namely Color RAL9010 and RAL9016.
    1. Weather LouverThe weatherproof louver design also gets a mesh to avoiding the insects' entering into rooms. Wire mesh is optional.
      Our weather resistant louver has been anodized. Its color are RAL9010 and RAL9016. Two models are for your choice, namely WL-VA and WL-VB.
    1. Gravity LouverIt can be accurately adjusted for smooth performance. Optional colors are RAL9010 and RAL9016. Only when the exhaust fan is running that the blades of this type air louver can be opened. The blades will close automatically to preventing rains, dust, insects from getting inside rooms, once the exhaust fan is turned off.
    1. Ball Shaped Weather LouverIt is not only rust resistant, but also is rain proof and can prevent insects from going inside rooms. That's all due to the insect wire mesh added. The ball weather louver get the same function of all other weather louvers design. It has two models as BWL-VA and BWL-VB. Available colors are RAL9010 and RAL9016.
    1. Opposed Blade DamperThe opposed blade damper applies high quality extruded aluminum profile as its raw materials. It is a kind of volume control damper principally used to control the diffuser air volume at the duct side. Two models as OBD-VA and OBD-VB are for your choice.
    1. Square Volume Control DamperMade of high quality extruded aluminium profile, VCD-VA square volume control damper is abrasion resistant, and operates smoothly. It is a zone damper installed on duct system to offer an airflow control solution. A standard air duct damper is manually controlled. The automatic control ones are also optional.
    1. Round Volume Control DamperIt is rustles and operates smoothly, as it is manufactured from extruded aluminum profile of superior quality. Such standard balancing damper is with manual control. We also provide airflow control solutions that are automatically controlled.
    1. Back Draught DamperIt comes with frame made of 0.6mm thick high quality GI sheet. Its blades are made of aluminium sheet with thickness of 0.3mm, which allows for easy opening after a small supply of air volume. That is why this volume control damper is stainless.
    1. Fire DamperWhen the temperature reaches 70℃, it will automatically close and then there will be insignificant air flow or barely any airflow inside the ductwork, thus to obtain the fire prevention effect. The fusible link in the fire damper will melt in case of temperature rising or a fire, and the shutter will close.
    1. Aluminium Flexible DuctingThe aluminum flexible ducting is a metal duct available with one or two layers of aluminium foil. We only adopt high quality aluminium foil to produce flexible duct.
    1. Aluminium TapeThe aluminium tape is manufactured from high quality aluminium foil. It is a aluminium foil tape with acrylic covered by white silicone paper. This duct sealing tape comes in a thickness range of 14 to 35 microns. Normally, it is 48mm, 50mm, 72mm, 75mm,96mm, or 100mm wide.
    1. EVA TapeIt is used as gasket which is helpful for connecting the duct system, ventilation system, and air terminals. To meet the clients' diversified application needs, this duct accessory comes with bespoke width and length.It is used as gasket which is helpful for connecting the duct system, ventilation system, and air terminals. To meet the clients' diversified application needs, this duct accessory comes with bespoke width and length.
    1. Nylon Band ClipThis band clip is a ducting clip is made of high quality nylon. A chief use of this nylon clip is to hold the duct or tighten the connection of the duct accessories. The nylon band slip is customized in length and width, according to clients' needs.